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Steve's Notes From The Field: Liberia

As I conclude my travels in Liberia this week before heading to Cote d'Ivorie, I want to share first-hand how your support has provided hope for so many.

This week I met with Liberia's Minister of Health, Dr. Francis Kateh. He shared with me the success of our partnership with the Carter Center in providing medicines for mental health clinicians to use in caring for their patients. To date, the Carter Center has trained 230 mental health clinicians.

Sadly, a decade of civil conflict and the outbreak of Ebola have created a mental health crisis in Liberia that has been intensified by misconceptions, stigma, and the resulting discrimination surrounding mental illnesses. Medicines from MAP will help reduce suffering and increase the quality of life for those living with mental illnesses. 

Dr. Kateh also shared with me that in one local village, 45 percent of the people who have epilepsy are now being treated successfully with the medicines you helped provide.

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