MAP International - Providing Medicines To Save Lives Following Disasters

In times of disaster, MAP International provides critical medical relief and aid to families affected by the disaster.

MAP has been responding to disasters worldwide for over 60 years through our global and domestic partnerships. Whether our team is on the ground or working through trusted partners, we focus on helping communities save lives and restore health.


That’s why we need the ongoing support of individuals, churches and others so that MAP can purchase, prepare and transport the urgently needed medicines and other supplies as soon as they are needed.

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Your gift today helps MAP provide for people affected by disasters no matter where they live in the world.  Donate today and be part of our mission to help restore hope and save lives. 

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MAP International (EIN: 36-2586390), one of America's top charities, is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami - Urgent Help Needed

MAP International's Disaster Response Team is working to help people in need whose lives were decimated by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Indonesia.

MAP’s Indonesian partner, Yayasan Internasional, operates a mobile clinic that provides medication and health care access to remote islands.  MAP is supporting Yayasan's efforts to relieve suffering and prevent disease in the region.

Yayasan's mobile clinic travels between Indonesian islands to reach populations that would otherwise not have access to life-saving and life-changing medicines.

Yayasan has been operating its mobile clinic near Sigi, Central Sulawesi, an area 170 miles south of Palu City.

According to news reports, thousands of people in one village in Sigi are believed to have been killed or injured by a phenomenon known as liquefaction, where the solid soil turns to liquid when under stress such as shaking during an earthquake. Locally this is become known as a “land tsunami."


Yayasan Internasional was once a MAP International subsidiary office.  MAP established programs in Indonesia in 2005 following a devastating earthquake and tsunami near Banda Ache, IndonesiaIn 2017, Yayasan established its operations independent of MAP International.

Other Disaster Responses

Flooding From Hurrican Florence - MAP Provides Disaster Health Kits

MAP International's Disaster Response Team provided critically-needed health supplies for those affected by Hurricane Florence.

MAP's team has delivered 18,500 Disaster Health Kits to Lumberton, New Bern, Tabor City, and Windsor, NC. 

(Photo Credit: US Marine Corps, Pfc. Nello Miele)

Marines help a resident get off the back of a military vehicle during evacuations due to flooding from Tropical Storm Florence, Jacksonville, N.C.

MAP's Disaster Health Kits provide essential health items to prevent the spread of illness. One kit will assist a person living in a shelter for one week. MAP DHKs include antiseptic wipes, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essential items. 

MAP International's Disaster Response Team is working with its partner organizations to place MAP's Disaster Health Kits (DHK) to serve people who have evacuated their homes and are living in shelters.

Please use the donation form to the left to help provide medicine and relief supplies for people in need. You may select the 'Designation' menu to have your gift earmarked for any particular disaster. 

Every donation is maximized to meet the needs of those who are suffering.

Thanks to You - MAP Helps People Puerto Rico

Please give generously to MAP International's disaster relief fund.

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We are Financially Accountable

MAP International is committed to being a highly effective, accountable and transparent non-profit organization. 

To assure our supporters of our commitment to providing full disclosure of our use of financial resources, MAP International submits its records for independent review. The following organizations affirm our commitments to good stewardship.  View Our Financials

At MAP International, financial accountability is something we strive for. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, MAP International will redirect funds to similar activities or geographical area to help the most children and families in need.