In 1954, MAP’s founder, Dr. J. Raymond Knighton, answered a call in his office at the Christian Medical Society in Chicago.

Because of his reputation for knowing “every medical missionary in the world,”  a major pharmaceutical company donated 11 tons of medicine to distribute to mission doctors working in remote areas of the world. 

So began the Medical Assistance Programs (MAP)--a Christian nonprofit providing essential medicines for mission clinics and hospitals in developing countries around the world.


To provide medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so they might experience life to the fullest.


For every dollar you contribute, you help MAP International provide more than $84 in donated medicines and health supplies to people in need.

We can make this statement because MAP International receives generous donations of medicines and health supplies and has relatively low expenses.

Last year alone, we were able to provide nearly $525 million in medicine and health supplies with just over $9 million in total cash expenses, including $6.2 million in program expenses.


Where Disease is endemic, we work with partners to restore health by providing basic medicines and health supplies where there is little or no access for those living in poverty. 

Where Disaster strikes, we send Disaster Health Kits (DHK), essential medicines and medical products and other critical relief supplies needed to treat injuries and prevent the spread of illness.

And where Despair threatens humanity, we work through our extensive network of partners to support their development efforts where our supply of medicines and health supplies extends their reach and offers hope to millions into the darkest of conditions.

MAP International represents people coming together to get pharmaceuticals to where they are needed most.”
- Dr. Jim Curran, Dean, Emory University Rollins School of Public Health