One of the most often prescribed medications for children in the U.S., it is effective in treating ear infections, strep, pneumonia, and other common infectious diseases.

But in resource-poor countries, pediatric amoxicillin is either difficult to find or impossible to afford, except for the very wealthy. Consider these facts:

  • More than half of childhood deaths under the age of five are due to diseases that are preventable and treatable through simple and affordable interventions.¹

  • Pneumonia is the single largest infectious cause of death in children worldwide, accounting for nearly one million childhood deaths annually.²

  • Untreated streptococcal infections, such as strep throat, can lead to rheumatic fever, a leading cause of pediatric heart disease. ³

  • Yet some of the world's most vulnerable populations, children, lack access to life-changing and live-saving medicines, including antibiotics such as amoxicillin. The World Health Organization's Essential Medicines List classifies amoxicillin as a key first-choice antibiotic to combat infections and recommends it should be "widely available, affordable, and quality assured."(World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines, June 2019).


  • Bringing Children Health™ is a targeted initiative of MAP International to increase global health equity for access to antibiotics for children in need.

  • This program was implemented with five clinics in Guatemala, and provides long-dated, high-quality amoxicillin prescribed for children with infections. Program expansion is targeting clinics in other countries with unmet needs.

  • MAP has a long history of providing medicine and medical supplies globally, decades of experience in supply chain and international logistics, and numerous partners on the ground, positioning MAP for immediate impact.


  • Bringing Children Health has already made an impact in local communities in Guatemala, where physicians have expressed their gratitude for having antibiotics in their clinic for the first time.
  • Bringing Children Health will expand its impact to additional clinics and countries. All medication provided through this project is free to the clinic and the children for whom it is prescribed, ensuring equality in access.

With your help, we can make antibiotics available to many more children in need. 

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Learn More About The Need for Pediatric Antibiotics

The situation is unimaginable to most of us.

When someone in our family is ill, we call our doctor and pick up a prescription in a few hours. 

But in 104 countries where there is no drug store on every corner and very few pharmacies, the doctors and their patients there rely on MAP International for life-saving medicines.   

That’s why we need your help today.

A gift to MAP is a gift of health to those who live in poverty and can’t afford medicine and medical supplies.

“When my patients need pediatric amoxicillin, most can’t afford to pay for it.  It’s heartbreaking."

   -Dr. Yusimil Carrazana

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