Meet Blessing...

A_Girl_Named_Blessing_Vitamins_for_Childre_in_Need-462162-edited.pngBlessing, at age six, was dangerously thin, anemic.

When Christine Carrington, a medical mission team nurse, tested her, it was clear that Blessing was not getting the nutrients she needed in her diet. Her family struggled to find adequate food in their Nigerian village.

Fortunately, Christine had carried MAP vitamins and supplements on her mission trip and was able to leave some with Blessing’s mother, who was overjoyed to be able to help her daughter.

Vitamins are a lifeline to health for many children.

Besides supplying medical mission teams with vitamins and nutritional supplements, MAP also plays a critical role as a long-term supplier of essential medicines to clinics and community hospitals in impoverished villages such as Blessing’s.

When Christine’s mission team returned home, they left a little girl who could now walk and run-and would grow stronger in the days to come.

Your gift today helps MAP supply vitamins to other children like Blessing who desperately need the life-changing nutrients to grow strong bodies and fight disease.

On behalf of Blessing and the other children whose lives will be changed because of your gift, thank you.

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