MAP International Provides Vital Emergency Response to Israel and Gaza 

Destroyed building in Kibbutz Be’eri, highlighting MAP International's disaster relief to Israel, Gaza, and Middle East
Destroyed building in Kibbutz Be’eri, Israel | Convoy of Hope

Amidst ongoing conflict and humanitarian crises, MAP International has provided critical emergency response to those affected across the Middle East. This includes vital shipments of medicine and health supplies to Israel and Gaza, as well as Lebanon. Through strategic partnerships and timely interventions, MAP’s efforts have significantly improved the lives of many in the region. 

Middle East Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis 

The Middle East has been embroiled in significant conflict and humanitarian crises, including in Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon. The Hamas attack on October 7, 2023, resulted in over 1,139 deaths and nearly 9,000 injuries in Israel, with more than 135,000 people displaced from their homes. 

Map of Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, and other countries in Middle East
Map of Israel, Gaza, and Middle East | Dimitrios Karamitros via iStock

Since the deadly Hamas attack, the region has witnessed intense aerial bombing campaigns and ground operations. 

In Gaza, the relentless hostilities have resulted in over 35,000 deaths and nearly 80,000 injuries, mostly civilians, per Reuters. Most of the tiny enclave’s 2.3 million residents have been driven from their homes. The crisis has also exacerbated the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, making access to essential medical supplies and services critical.  

Gaza’s infrastructure has been severely damaged, with approximately 30 to 50 percent of buildings destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. This destruction includes essential facilities like hospitals and schools, severely limiting access to critical services. The healthcare system, already fragile before the conflict, is now in a state of collapse. 

Lebanon, too, has faced escalating regional tensions and skirmishes with Israel, compounding the humanitarian challenges for vulnerable communities. The healthcare system is in crisis due to a shortage of medical supplies and a mass exodus of healthcare professionals. Hospitals have halved their bed capacity, and the cost of healthcare has become prohibitive for many.  

The crisis has also intensified the vulnerabilities of refugees and migrants. Lebanon hosts around 1.5 million Syrian refugees and significant numbers of Palestinian refugees and migrant workers, all of whom face dire living conditions and limited access to essential services. 

Amid this turmoil, MAP International’s efforts to provide medical and humanitarian aid have been vital in addressing the urgent needs of those affected by these crises. 

Emergency Relief for Israel Amidst the Israel/Hamas Conflict 

Destroyed building in Israel, highlighting MAP International's humanitarian relief to Middle East
Destroyed building in Israel | Convoy of Hope

In response to the suffering caused by the Hamas attack, MAP International provided a $30,000 grant through Convoy of Hope in March 2024 for food donations to support displaced Israeli families. This crucial funding enabled Convoy of Hope to deliver 42,000 meals, supporting approximately 600 families (3,000 individuals) in Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and Ashdod. 

Food delivered to families in Israel from MAP International and Convoy of Hope
Food delivered to families in Israel | Convoy of Hope

The beneficiaries included families forced to seek refuge in bomb shelters, who received grocery boxes filled with fresh and nonperishable goods designed to sustain a family of five for up to two weeks. Convoy of Hope collaborated with the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) to efficiently distribute the relief supplies, leveraging FIRM’s extensive network and local presence. This partnership ensured that the most urgently needed items were sourced and delivered promptly to those in greatest need, providing not just sustenance but also hope amid the turmoil. 

Stories of Impact in Israel 

In the face of conflict and uncertainty, the resilience and compassion of individuals shine through, offering hope and support to those in need. Here are some stories that highlight the positive impact of community and humanitarian efforts in Israel during these challenging times. 

Holocaust Survivor 

Holocaust survivor that helps with humanitarian work in Israel after October 7 Hamas Attack
Holocaust survivor that helps with humanitarian work in Israel | Convoy of Hope

A poignant testimony involves a partner — who is also a Holocaust survivor. She ministers to the elderly in Sderot, Israel, many of whom were unable to evacuate during the recent hardships. This partner also recently lost her best friend in the current turmoil. Sharing her pain with friends and partners, she found solace in the love and support offered by the community, highlighting the resilience and compassion that continue to shine through even in the darkest times. 

A Sense of Purpose for a Volunteer 

Volunteers unpacking food in Israel
Volunteers unpacking food in Israel | Convoy of Hope

A volunteer shared her experience of moving to Israel for her husband’s job, only to face the new reality of living under threat. Finding herself in a bomb shelter, she was inspired to take action and help those in need. Joining a local Bible study group, she connected with others to unload pallets of food and assemble relief boxes. The sense of camaraderie and purpose provided a much-needed distraction from fear and an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of displaced families. 

Community and Spiritual Support in Kibbutz Be’eri 

Another touching story comes from Kibbutz Be’eri, where residents faced the devastating aftermath of the conflict. A local spokesperson shared how a group had just prayed over a woman who had lost friends and family in the October 7 Hamas attack at Be’eri. The courage and faith displayed in these moments were deeply moving, illustrating the impact of community and spiritual support during crises. 

Humanitarian Aid to Gaza 

Child takes bicycle to destroyed home in Gaza, highlighting MAP International's emergency relief to Israel and Middle East
Child takes bicycle to destroyed home in Gaza | Rrodrickbeiler via iStock

MAP International’s support in the Middle East extends into Gaza, addressing diverse medical and humanitarian needs through coordinated shipments. 

In November 2023, MAP International sent a significant shipment to Gaza via Jordan, partnering with the United Palestinian Appeal (UPA). This shipment included Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHK), each containing medicines to serve 10,000 people for 90 days. The IEHKs empower healthcare providers to diagnose, treat, and care for those affected by the conflict. 

The supplies were first delivered by air to Jordan, where UPA then managed the critical “last-mile” delivery into Gaza, ensuring the essential medicine and health supplies reached the people who needed them most. Further support was provided to Gaza in February 2024 via Jordan, once again partnering with UPA and including IEHKs to support healthcare needs in the region. 

Relief for Lebanon 

Destroyed buildings in Lebanon, showing MAP International's humanitarian relief in the Middle East
Destroyed buildings in Lebanon | Sadikgulec via iStock

MAP International also delivered crucial emergency relief to Lebanon. In December 2023, MAP provided Disaster Health Kits (DHKs) to Lebanon in partnership with Witness As Ministry (WAM). DHKs are equipped with first aid supplies and hygiene products to support survivors in the immediate aftermath of disasters. This effort ensured that those affected by sudden crises had access to essential care and hygiene items, crucial for their recovery and well-being. 

The commitment continued into 2024, with a $5 million shipment of medicine and health supplies to Lebanon in January, this time in collaboration with Witness As Ministry and Strategic Resources Group (SRG). Also, March 2024 saw a substantial shipment to Lebanon, again coordinated with WAM and SRG. This shipment consisted of 28 pallets, valued at $6.1 million, containing medications for hypertension, antibiotics, diabetes, cardiac conditions, over-the-counter medications, and supplies. 

This comprehensive aid package addressed a wide range of medical needs, ensuring extensive support for the affected populations.  

MAP International: Bringing ‘Medicine for All People’ in the Middle East 

Child pulling fish from net in Gaza City
Child pulling fish from net in Gaza City | Gehad Alshrafi via iStock

MAP International’s humanitarian and emergency response efforts in the Middle East highlight a deep commitment to alleviating suffering and providing essential support to all vulnerable populations — regardless of their location or affiliation. Whether it’s in Israel, Gaza, or Lebanon, our mission is to provide lifesaving medicine and supplies to vulnerable communities.  

Through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, MAP is dedicated to bringing Medicine for All People in the Middle East, demonstrating compassion for everyone.  

By showing universal compassion — and a focus on service, MAP continues to make a significant difference in improving the lives of those most in need across the region.