board of directors | November 7, 2019

MAP’s Mission Is Personal to Board Member


For MAP International board member Abidemi Oseni-Oyebode (“Abi”), the organization’s mission is personal. The daughter of a Nigerian diplomat, Abi has lived in a number of countries, and knows that access to quality medicine is something we take for granted in the US.

“The ability to access real, authentic, necessary medicine is very limited in many countries,” notes Abi, whose own father several years ago had a reaction to medicine he purchased in Nigeria and later discovered was counterfeit. “We were thankful that he only developed a rash. But many people receive ‘medicine’ that is actually toxic. That’s why I’m so grateful that MAP delivers quality medicine to people in need in so many parts of the world."

Both Abi and her husband are pharmacists and see their professions as part of God’s plan for their lives. While she works at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, her husband uses his skills at a nonprofit clinic serving a mostly indigent population. Abi also enjoys going on mission trips where she uses her skills to help local clinics.

AbiBoardMemberOriginally planning to be a pediatrician, Abi became a pharmacist first so she could work and pay her way through medical school. “God had a divine plan,” she says, noting that she never made it to medical school because God gave her many opportunities to minister as a pharmacist.

“There are so many ways to do God’s work,” she notes. “We have to meet people’s needs first before we can share Christ’s love with them.”

Being on the MAP board is “a huge honor,” says Abi. “Besides the core work of bringing medicine to the world, I’m most impressed with MAP’s commitment to financial accountability,” she says.

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