life-changing medicines | February 8, 2019

Health and Hope for Mother and Baby


Angelina, a pregnant mother of three, lives with her children in a slum near a large garbage dump in Guatemala City.

Her life isn’t easy. Toxic fumes and burning garbage threaten her family’s health and gangs threaten their safety. But in the middle of this horrific setting, Angelina and her family find hope at a clinic filled with medicines provided by MAP International.

PrenatalVitaminsCaptureAngelina’s youngest daughter, Charon, is just five years old and is already suffering from respiratory issues from
the burning trash at the dump. This family has no other option; this is their home. Living without hope was unbearable, but then they found the Heart of Love clinic. 

Heart of Love clinic, started by nurse Lelah and her husband pastor Saul (pictured right), provides Angelina and her children with medicines for their respiratory issues as well as vitamins free of charge.

“We are very grateful for helping this very poor community,” said nurse Lelah. “These medicines are helping a lot of people and bring so much hope. Even just one bandage comes in the name of Christ.”PrenatalBlogCapture2

Angelina represents the hope MAP International provides through its provision of medicines. Without prenatal vitamins provided by MAP, Angelina’s soon to be born infant would be at risk for blindness, malnutrition and other illness.

Angelina and her three beautiful children now visit the clinic weekly where she has been receiving prenatal vitamins. At the clinic Charon and her siblings are given medicine to help with their coughs and allergies. The team running the clinic said, “We are very grateful for helping this very poor community. These medicines are helping a lot of people and bring so much hope.”

This is the difference you make through your support of MAP International. Help us provide more mothers like Angelina with life-changing prenatal vitamins. Together we will help mothers and their children worldwide.

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