The Philanthropic Side of Pharma

It’s easy to get the wrong impression about the pharmaceutical industry. Greedy entrepreneurs like Martin Shkreli make headlines for shamelessly inflating the prices of life-saving drugs. Politicians campaign on reducing the high cost of prescription medicines.

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World Refugee Day 2016

World Refugee Day 2016

Monday, June 20th, on the UN’s declared World Refugee Day, there are over 50 million refugees around the world.  Many of them are women and children, struggling to survive after fleeing their homes amidst conflict, famine, and natural disasters.

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The Modern Mission Trip

This summer, thousands of Americans will use their hard-earned vacation days to visit some of the neediest countries in the world. They will join volunteers from their church, school, hospital or community organization to venture out on a “mission trip.”

While the term may sound somewhat old-fashioned, today’s mission trips provide much needed volunteer help to some of the most resource-poor communities in the world.  Instead of Americans going to direct others how to live, most trips are directed by local leaders who tell the volunteers where they are needed and how they can best help based on the community’s needs.

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PRESS RELEASE: MAP International Awarded Perfect Score on New Charity Navigator Rating Service


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