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Behind the Scenes: Rose's Resilience

After I introduced myself to Rose, the first words I remember her saying were, “Lespwa fè viv.”

My translator, Florence, said it means “hope makes one live.” Florence then shared with me; however, “When you hear Rose’s story, you will know that this means so much more for her.” I looked at my translator quizzically.

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When Light and A New Life Shine Through in Kenya

When you support MAP International, you reach into the most difficult places on earth to shine your light. MAP recently received this touching story from a medical missionary team working in Kenya - it brought tears to our eyes.

We think it will touch you too.

Read how you helped bring light and hope in the most unlikely of places.

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Behind the Scenes: Mellisia's Story

We found no shelter from the heat underneath the seven-foot boxwood. Though the trees dotted the rural landscape in Haiti, if you rated an SPF factor for them, I doubt it would fare any better than a thin coat of vegetable oil in blocking the sun.  Worse, when the air moved, it felt like a convection oven fan blowing hot air over the warm air. 

I was in Haiti as part of a production crew to capture the story of how MAP International's medicines made a difference in the lives of people who had none.  Three days into a busy video production project, the day moved oh-so-slowly. That was the only pace the heat would allow.

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