sutures | September 6, 2018

God Will Find a Way


BeatriceWalkingonHands (2)For 48 years, Beatrice was unable to look people in the eye. Born in Rwanda with chronic foot deformities, she had crawled her entire life and could not stand.

Flip-flops protected Beatrice's hands as she moved around; she was forced to view the world from the ground up.   

Her parents were desperate to help her.

Life in their remote village in southwest Rwanda offered limited medical assistance beyond traditional healers. Her community ridiculed and marginalized the disabled. Beatrice and her family turned God for help; they believed He would find a way.

Years went by. Inexplicably, and despite her condition, Beatrice developed a joyful, hopeful, and contagious spirit. Her beautiful singing could be heard across the village. God would find a way.

When the family heard a team of orthopedic physicians was serving a months-long medical mission at a local hospital, they dared to believe that someone might be able to help. Beatrice traveled for miles on the back of a motorcycle to Kibogora Hospital, hours from her village. People stared in amazement as she crawled through dirt and gravel and down the stairs to the clinic.

The doctors offered Beatrice hope, but hard work. Surgery would require lengthening the tissues in her feet and legs. She would spend months in casts and then physical therapy. God had found a way.

BeatriceWalking (2)The doctor who operated on Beatrice used sutures, more commonly known as stitches, provided by MAP. He shared after the procedure,

“The first shoes Beatrice now has are lime green tennis shoes. She is so happy and grateful. Thank you, MAP International.”

With your help, Beatrice is now learning to walk after 48 years.

Operations to correct orthopedic deformities are commonplace in the US but a rarity in resource-poor regions of the world. Will you help us provide more life-changing health supplies, like sutures, to doctors around the globe?

Thank you for all you do for MAP International. 

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