Hurricane maria | March 22, 2018

Music and Medicine Provide Hope and Healing


Everyone has the capacity to be generous.  But not everyone is generous with their time, talent and treasure.

When Daniel de los Reyes, percussionist for the Zac Brown Band and founder of the nonprofit, DayGLOW Music, wanted to help the people of his native Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, he wanted to change lives - for the better.

After visiting the island ten days after Maria’s destruction, he was moved by the thousands of people living without power, clean water, and dependable health services. Daniel used DayGLOW’s Facebook page to voice his frustration:  

"We need to do something about this. Make this a priority. Countless people are dying a slow death because of this cataclysmic storm. One thing is to survive the storm; the other is to survive living after the storm. It is a humanitarian event. Now. Must so many people die before we recognize this?"

29216648_1864162606989381_5401145172580892672_n-1.jpgDaniel knew he had to do more for the people of Puerto Rico.

Working through his nonprofit, DayGLOW Music, he established DayGLOW Relief to raise money for donated medicines and supplies. He worked with MAP International to secure Johnson & Johnson Medical Mission Packs that contain vital prescription and over-the-counter medicines. MAP also provided water filters to ensure people had access to clean water.

But medicine was not enough for those who have suffered for so long. Five months after the storm, Daniel traveled to Puerto Rico with doctors, members of the band Chicago and other volunteers. They traveled to rural areas throughout the country providing basic supplies, medicines and of course, music.

As described by members of DayGLOW Music:

“We are actively combining the use of music for healing and hope with our humanitarian aid to make a difference in the lives of so many Americans in Puerto Rico.”


Daily we are humbled by medical mission stories of hope and healing offered by individuals working around the globe to help those less fortunate. In times of disaster, these stories are magnified as we learn of people requiring medical aid after losing everything following a crisis.

Daniel and DayGLOW Relief provided medicine and music to offer hope and healing to those who have suffered so greatly. Their generosity knows no bounds.

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Thank you, Daniel. Your music and work are an inspiration. 


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