life-changing medicines | January 7, 2019

We Pause to Reflect on You - Our Most Faithful Supporters


As we begin a new year, we want to pause and reflect on you, our donors who sustain MAP’s work worldwide. Through the comments you send and through the gratitude from those whom we serve, we pause with profound humility for the work MAP is able to perform in God’s name. 

These comments are the encouragement we need to continue to advance MAP’s mission of providing life-changing medicines and health supplies to the world’s neediest.

We want to share some of these donor comments with you as we begin a new year. These comments come from donors near and far, many expressing their gratitude and support of our mission.

30c2ba7f-8bef-4722-aa75-371f29e536e7-photo_2-20181026-0V1A5843“I am very much thankful to MAP to give me the opportunity to share the joy of life with others." A. Tropathi  Allahabad, India

“I have supported MAP over the years. An incredible organization reaching around the world. Lives touched each day!” Stephen C.

Many express their support of MAP's work in Christ's name:

“Thank you for taking the love of Christ to places that need to be reminded of it. God bless you in your work. May He sustain you and enable you to do more with Him than you could ever do alone.” Ken and Erin Z.

"I love getting these gentle reminders of lives getting touched by the Word, and how this money can help finance/aid parts of the world that needed them the most. I pray and hope that this donation can help you guys achieve your mission. I'm donating to your program with the hope that the word of God can reach to the ends of the earth." Giovanni F.

We receive many comments In Honor of a loved one – they are inspiring and heartfelt.

“A gift from the Helen Dorothy (Dotti) Smythe Swanson Revocable Living Trust. Dotti lived on this earth for 100 years. She taught by example what true humility is. She gave her love and understanding so freely. She was childlike in her belief there is good and love in everyone. When she left, she did so with calm, beauty and grace. She was a phenomenal human being. "For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." Kahill Gibran”  Suanne A.

MAP served over 13.6 million people in 104 countries last year. Your comments and those who use our medicines and health supplies inspire our work. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts as we continue to serve ‘the least of these’ in God’s name.



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