disaster health kits | November 30, 2018

The Merciful End to the 2018 Hurricane Season


The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season mercifully ended today.

Hopefully you were not among those severely impacted by the most destructive storms - Michael and Florence.  However, millions were left homeless or without power for weeks. Many may never return home.

Can you imagine losing everything? What if you couldn’t get to a pharmacy for a critically-needed prescription? Or to a store for basic health supplies? The fear and loss many residents experienced before, during, and after these events is unfathomable.

However, because of your support of MAP International, many of them now know someone cares about their well-being, someone they have never met. It is because of you, MAP was able to apply its years of experience in disaster relief and provide a ray of hope amidst such despair.

FlorenceinSouthCarolinaTo provide meaningful help for those in need, MAP relied upon three guiding principles:

  1. First to respond is crucial
    • MAP’s ability to get relief supplies delivered ahead of the hurricane allowed thousands of Carolina residents who took refuge from Florence to have a Disaster Health Kit waiting for them as they arrived at shelters. Partners on the ground were able to provide Disaster Health Kits and medical supplies immediately to survivors thanks to MAP’s prepositioning efforts.
  1. Constant communication with partners is vital
    • MAP assisted in nine air shipments of supplies to communities with limited roadway access in Florida and Georgia after Hurricane Michael. Quick communication with local partners working on the ground, together with thousands of prepositioned health supplies and kits enabled MAP to respond fast to air shipment needs. As one beneficiary of an airlift shared on Facebook about MAP's efforts:
      "This amazing company, MAP International, flew in medical supplies to help our community. Y'all this was was because of friends and strangers, kindness of companies to give without knowing the people they are serving and most of all doing this for nothing in return."  Pam Wilder, October 20, 2018
  2. Remain prepared
    • The most important lesson from the 2018 Hurricane season is to prepare year-round for disasters. Our supplies of Disaster Health Kits (DHK) are nearly depleted, but efforts are already underway to replenish critical items. Just this week, generous volunteers from 90.7 WAY Radio in Brunswick, Georgia packed over 1000 DHKs at MAP's Global Distribution Center in preparation for next year. 

Nearly 29,000 DHKs were distributed for those affected this hurricane season. If the 2019 season is as destructive as those in 2016-2018, we can expect an equally demanding need for Disaster Health Kits and supplies next year.

This Christmas you can help MAP prepare fully for the 2019 season by helping us restock our supply of Disaster Health Kits?  Your gift of $30 provides a family of three in the middle of a disaster comfort and basic care. And, if you give now or before December 31, a generous donor will match your gift. This means you can supply double the amount of DHKs for families in need.

We are truly grateful for your caring support of those affected by disasters.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 15:6



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