Medicine for the World | July 25, 2019

Relieving Pain and Providing Hope in Belize


Fevers are a miserable part of any illness. Thankfully, for most of us, a simple aspirin or acetaminophen is never more than an arms-length away to relieve our symptoms. But imagine if it wasn’t. Imagine if you couldn’t get a fever reducer.

What if the chills, aches, and headache of a fever went on for days? Or even weeks?

This was the case for the people of Patachakan, Belize, a small, resource-poor community located in the northern part of the country. Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne virus rarely found in the US, plagued numerous residents with debilitating symptoms. Most did not have access to medicine.

Imagine their suffering.

Millions of cases of dengue infection occur worldwide each year. Dengue fever is most common in Southeast Asia and the western Pacific islands, but the disease has been increasing rapidly in Latin America and the Caribbean.

BelizeClinicDespite the efforts of local health authorities to determine the source of the mosquito breeding areas, dengue continued to affect many in Patachakan. The local clinic, already low on essential medicines, was inundated with requests for fever reducers. Nurse practitioner, Anita Chambers, of the Presbyterian Medical Clinic, shared:

“The local Christian clinic could not keep up with the need for acetaminophen to supply patients who had a severe fever and ‘bone-crushing’ pain.”   

BelizeNurseFortunately, fever reducers provided by MAP International alleviated the suffering of so many. In addition to these medicines, affected residents received oral rehydration packets to address severe dehydration from diarrhea and vomiting. MAP medicines were an answer to their prayers.

“Thank you for serving the underserved! God bless you richly!” said Chambers.

We take for granted how easy it is to obtain fever reducers and so many medicines here in the US. Will you help MAP continue to provide fever reducers to communities like Patachakan and others who have limited access to medicine?


Yes, I want to help provide life-changing medicines!

Thank you for helping MAP provide the most basic medicines to millions in need worldwide.

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