Haiti | November 5, 2018

Stories From the Field: Gratitude in Rural Haiti


We are humbled by the stories we receive of health and hope from around the world. Daily we marvel at the power of life-changing medicine to bring healing to some of the poorest regions of the globe.

MAP recently received this letter from a hospital worker located in Soufriere, Haiti in the northern part of the country. Roads in this rural area are often unpaved and clogged with cars and motorbikes. They are considered dangerous to travel by and many opt to walk where they need to go.

This was the case with a young mother who, out of desperation, carried her sick 18-month old son to New Hope Hospital. This letter we received shares her story and the miracle of medicine to help the poorest of the poor:  

"My dear friends, I want to share with you a story, I can tell you it is sad and comforting.

This is the story of Frankson Macien, a child of 18 months from the rural section of Soufriere in Northern Haiti.  The child suffered from fever and cough. Access to the rural section of the country is very difficult and the worst, there is no health center there to take care of the population. It is safer to walk instead of taking a motorbike to go to that rural section.

FranksonMacien-HaitiIdelourdes Desauguste, the mother finally brought Frankson Macien to New Hope Hospital to receive care. But she had no financial resources. Usually we ask for a contribution from the patients.

We were so happy to help the child.  We can say that this was made possible through the donation received from our partner, MAP International.

As you know, this is our mission, which is to provide quality healthcare to all individuals, especially the poorest of the poor.

A huge thank you, especially to MAP, for providing the drugs to New Hope Hospital 


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