disaster relief | June 13, 2018

A Volunteer Miracle Worker in Guatemala


Dr-Jose---GuatemalaYou may never meet Dr. Jose Amezquita, unless you are in desperate need of medical care in Guatemala.

Dr. Amezquita works closely with MAP International’s partner, Vine International, who shared this story with us:

On Saturdays, after a week of work at his office, Dr. Amezquita opens his home as a clinic to patients who have no money to pay for medical care. 

All of the supplies and medicines he dispenses to his patients are made possible because of you and your generous support of MAP International.

Unfortunately, Dr Amezquita’s home is near Alotenango, a small community near the Fuego volcanic eruption that affected thousands of lives earlier this month.

For several days, Dr. Amezquita searched for survivors and treated victims.

"It’s hot," he says. "The ground temperature is almost 200 degrees in places. Shoes and clothes don’t last long in these conditions."

Fortunately, MAP had provided a supply of medicines and health supplies that our partner Vine was able to get to Dr. Amezquita quickly. 

But those medicines will soon be gone because the needs of the volcano survivors keep growing. 

This is why your support of MAP’s matching gift campaign is so critical. Your generous gift helps MAP be ready for disasters such as volcanic eruptions, or hurricanes like those that affected Puerto Rico and Texas last year. 

And whatever you give before June 30 is DOUBLED to provide even more help to patients in Guatemala and other parts of the world where people are in desperate need.

Thank you for all you do to help MAP serve those in need around the world. We appreciate your generous support.

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