Haiti | August 8, 2017

Making A Difference Through Partnership


Monday, August 7, 2017

This week we ask for your prayers as members of the MAP International Board of Directors and its Board of Governors, staff and guests travel to Haiti to visit with partner organizations, Christian Aid Ministries, Food For The Poor and Love A Child. 

MAP CEO Steve Stirling, Phil Mazzilli, Sook Hee Stirling, Zoe Hicks, Susan RoederMAP Board Chairman Phil Mazzilli, Zoe Hicks, Susan Roeder, Steve and Sook Hee Stirling will see first hand how MAP’s medicines and health supplies are making a difference in remote and mobile clinics in Haiti.

Each of these partner organizations sponsor mobile clinics, medical outposts and hospitals which serve those Christ calls us to serve in the gospel of Matthew.  

For these organizations, MAP is critical to the success of their mission providing overwhelmingly most of their medicines and health supplies.

MAP CEO Steve Stirling says that the primary purpose in visiting with these partners is to deepen our relationships with them, to learn how we can serve them better as they are serving the very needs upon which MAP was founded more than 63 years ago.

Please offer prayer for travel mercies and for successful engagements for our team.  Also please lift in prayer our partners who share God’s love for all in such challenging conditions.

Check back with the MAP blog throughout the week as we share stories, thoughts on the events of the day along with pictures of the people we meet along the way. 

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