Medical Mission Packs | September 25, 2017

'This is going to be a long road'


Like the rest of the world, MAP International is shocked and saddened by the images emerging from Puerto Rico, Dominica and other parts of the Carribean showing islands decimated by Hurricane Maria.  With damage not witnessed in nearly 100 years, all of Puerto Rico is without power and is not expected to see it restored for three to six months.

"We know a little more than we did yesterday. This is going to be a long road," Ricardo Rosselló, Governor of Puerto Rico said in a Saturday news conference.

HurricaneMariaPR2-2.jpg(Photo by: Pfc. Leona Hendrickson) 

Devastation following disasters affects all people, but the impact on the health of children, the elderly and disabled are especially pronounced. 

For those compromised health issues, storms like Hurricane Maria make them even more susceptible to disease and debilitating illness.  First responders, those out saving lives in hazardous conditions, are also vulnerable to injury and sickness.

As one of the first responders to Hurricane Maria, MAP is airlifting  Johnson & Johnson Medical Mission Packs to Puerto Rico. These critical medicines and supplies will be placed in the hands of those most devastated by the destruction. HurricanePhotos.png

These packs contain analgesics, protective gloves, eye drops, gauze pads and 27 other items designed to treat injuries and prevent the spread of disease. As further assessements are completed, MAP will send more mission packs to help with the ongoing recovery from this storm. MAP plans to be there for every step of the long road back. 

This has been an extraordinary stretch of weeks.  Our Christian faith gives us the motivation to hold compassion for those in need, just as Christ calls us.  

MAP International is standing with those in Houston, with those in Florida, with those in Freetown, with those in San Juan, with those Mexico City.  Please help us help those in need.  Donate today to support the victims of Hurricane Maria here.  

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