disaster relief | December 15, 2017

Hurricane Maria Update: Serving One's Community in the Midst of Chaos



When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the devastation did not discriminate by economic class.  The storm wiped out both homes and livelihoods of most residents.

For those who have dedicated their lives to their community, like police officers and healthcare workers, the difficultly of meeting these challenges only increased even while their own lives were upended.  

Take Zuma, for example. Zuma lives and works as a police officer in Guanica, Puerto Rico. She is desperate to rebuild her community. But with electricity in short supply and some areas still in need of access to clean water, the restoration process has slowed significantly.  Nonetheless, Zuma has continued to serve and protect her community to the best of her ability.

Like many who experience the aftermath of a devastating storm like Maria, Zuma became sick with an upper respiratory illness. Mold spores from flooding and crowded shelters create so many health threats for those who survive. Police officers and health care workers are especially exposed to these hazards.

When she became sick, Zuma visited a local temporary clinic and thanks to the MAP medicines that you helped provide, Zuma was treated by a medical mission team and received the medication she needed to continue performing her duties. Zuma couldn’t be more grateful. “I can breathe again!” she says, as she hurries to help others in need.

MAP has been able to accomplish so much in Puerto Rico thanks to donors like you. Here is the latest on our efforts since Maria hit over 75 days ago:

MAP has been able to accomplish so much in Puerto Rico thanks to you. Here is the latest on our efforts since Maria hit over 75 days ago:

  • MAP’s Disaster Response Team conducted site visits in Puerto Rico November 6-9. Based on this evaluation, MAP plans to send 160 pallets of relief supplies to continue to assist in the recovery process. Specific plans are being finalized with partners in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Dominica to help people in need.
  • For victims of Hurricane Maria, MAP International has supplied critically-needed antibiotics, bronchodilators, hypertension medicines, analgesic medicine, and hygiene items such as antiseptic wipes, soap for hand-washing and other basic disease prevention measures.
  • MAP will continue its disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico and other hurricane-damaged areas of the Caribbean, replacing stocks of medicines, medical supplies, and disaster health kits as needs are identified.

Thank you for helping MAP save lives and restore hope in Puerto Rico and the communities Zuma helps to serve.

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