| December 28, 2017

It was just a scratch...


It was just a scratch. The kind of minor injury that happens when kids play outside.


But 11-year old Mercy lives in a small village in rural Kenya. Her family had no antiseptic to clean the wound, no antibiotic ointment, not even a bandage.

In just a few days, Mercy’s minor scratch was becoming a life-threatening infection.

But fortunately, Dr. Christine Sedlacek, an American doctor, was in Mercy’s village on a medical mission trip with medicines supplied by MAP.

When Dr. Sedlacek saw Mercy, she knew her condition was life-threatening and she had to act. After draining the infected wound and dressing it, Dr. Sedlacek gave Mercy antibiotics she had received from MAP.

“This course of antibiotics likely saved her hand, and possibly her very life,” said Dr. Sedlacek.

This is why MAP exists—to put lifesaving medicines into the hands of doctors who treat children like Mercy. Children whose lives might be lost without medicines many of us take for granted.

But our medicine reserves are running low. We have more requests than we can fulfill for antibiotics and other critically needed medicines--the very medicines that save lives like Mercy’s.

So today, I’m asking you to consider making a special gift to help us order more of these most urgently needed medicines.  A MAP supporter has stepped up with an amazing offer to help. This supporter, who asks to remain anonymous, wants to match every gift given to this special campaign — up to $100,000 — until December 31. 

Double Your Gift

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