| September 8, 2017

MAP Relief For Texas Grows


Flooding in Texas - Health Conditions & Threats

Flooding and disasters like Harvey hurt children, the elderly and disabled the most. Many already have compromised health. Events like this make them even more susceptible.

This is why relief supplies like the disaster health kits are so critical to the effort in Texas. So many were exposed to floodwater. They are at risk for skin rashes and infections, ear, nose and throat problems, conjunctivitis, respiratory illnesses and gastrointestinal sickness.

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We’re now two weeks removed from this disaster. People have been living in shelters for more than a week. Living in such close quarters also makes people vulnerable to illness.

What is MAP doing to help Texas?

For the people of Texas, MAP International is doing what it does best. For 60 years, MAP has been responding to disasters worldwide by providing medicine and health supplies.

MAP sent its first shipment of relief supplies August 28. This included 1,250 disaster health kits (DHK) to help prevent the spread of disease. The kits include antiseptic wipes, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essential items. Each kit is designed to help meet the needs of one person residing in a shelter for one week.

MAP's partner, Convoy of Hope, has distributed these disaster health kits to people in Victoria, Texas. As Hurricane Irma approached MAP's Global Medicines Distribution Center this week, MAP combined another 500 disaster health kits along with $1 million in relief goods supplied by World Assist in a truckload to serve people in Houston. 

The problem in Texas is not just a Texas problem. This is a huge disaster that will take a long time to recover. It is wide-spread including parts of Louisiana. The best support anyone can provide is a cash gift. This puts resources in the hands of people who are experienced in helping people recover for the short and long-term.

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