Medical Mission Packs | December 19, 2017

A Miracle Through the Eyes of a Teenager in Peru


Jose walked into the waiting room of a local hospital in Lima, Peru with a swagger that matched his trendy clothes. Like most teenage boys, his slicked-back hair tried to convey an older, cool vibe while in reality, he was still a boy. Behind his confident, happy-go-lucky demeanor, was a health issue that had plagued him since birth.

He had heard medical mission teams visited the hospital offering surgery for people like Jose.  Gaining the courage to do something, he arrived at the hospital praying there would be a medical missionary doctor who could help him.

Jose was hoping for a miracle.

Healthcare throughout Peru has made great strides over the years, but disparities still exist between middle-income and poor citizens. The lack of financial and medical resources throughout the country means many children cannot afford critical surgeries to correct what affected Jose – severe cleft palate.

Left untreated, the future for many of these children can be bleak.  Jose was no exception.

When the medical mission physician working with Healing the Children examined the teenager, he was startled by his discovery:

“I was completely surprised when I looked into his mouth and he had a complete cleft palate that had never been repaired.  This severely affected his speech.”

JosePeruBlog.jpgWhen the doctor told Jose that he would gladly correct his mouth, he broke into a huge grin and fist bumped the doctor.  After the surgery was completed the physician shared,

“His surgery went great and already the next day his speech was slightly better, and with some therapy (that our team provides electronically through Skype) he will continue to improve.”

Now, Jose will be able to talk with his family and joke with his friends without feeling embarrassed.

Healing the Children, Rocky Mountains conducted 99 surgeries in 2017 using sutures supplied from MAP International. These procedures change the course of children’s lives and are medical miracles.

Jose is like millions of children who do not have access to medical care. His prayers were answered by a faith-filled surgeon and supporters who helped MAP send sutures and medicines to help Jose heal.

Will you help us continue to provide medical miracles to more children around the world?

Your donation to MAP this Christmas season will continue the supply of medicines and health supplies used by organizations like Healing the Children.

And, between now and December 31, your gift will be matched up to $100,000. That's double the impact of your donation. This Christmas, #GiveHealth and #GiveHope. 

Thank you for all you do for MAP and children like Jose. 

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