mexico | March 5, 2018

Mission Team Angels: A Mother's Prayer is Answered


The town of San Rafael sits on the outskirts of Puerto Penasco, a Mexican fishing town that has grown to become a tourist destination for residents of Arizona and California.

San Rafael goes unnoticed by most who visit the sandy beaches bordering the Pacific. The lean-to homes with poor sanitation dot the landscape just outside the resort gates are a stark contrast to the vacation homes nearby. 

For Soledad, a single mother residing in San Rafael, the resorts are her livelihood. She cleans the homes of many in the area, eking out a living to support her two children.

Motherhood for Soledad is an unending job of love, guidance, and care for her children.
Her love recently turned to concern when her children got sick. Unable to work for two weeks due to lack of childcare, Soledad was tearful when she arrived at the church clinic in San Rafael with her ill two-year daughter, Angelica. She could not afford medicine for her family, let alone a trip to the doctor; Soledad prayed for an answer to her plight.

It’s hard to fathom the meager wages Soledad lost while her children were sick. Her life seemed so fragile.

Soledad-waiting-2-1.jpgShe waited for more than an hour to be seen by a doctor in the clinic. After the consultation, Soledad was relieved as she stood up from the clinic table, hugged the doctor, and in Spanish, spoke about how the medical mission team was God’s answer to her prayers for help.

She walked out of the clinic clutching the medications and vitamins for her and her children.


The medications and supplies from MAP International enabled the mission team to deliver hope and healing to needy residents.

Soledad's story is but one of millions of stories where your decision to support MAP International changes a life.                                                                           

Last year, MAP International changed 14.3 million lives for the better because believers like you took action to help us provide medicines and health supplies for those in need.

Please consider a donation to help us continue to make this a reality for people like Soledad.

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