Medical Mission Packs | November 29, 2017

The miracle of your gifts to MAP: Hope in Nicaragua


Active volcanoes in the distance and the waste dump near Angelina’s lean-to in Nicaragua spew enough smoke and ash to clog the air. Breathing is difficult in this area so close to such hazards. Many residents experience respiratory infections and lung issues making life difficult and all too often tenuous. 

Angelina lives in Nicaragua with her four children. When she visited her local church where a temporary medical clinic was organized, Angelina appeared frail with a barrel-chest. Like her children, this likely indicated she was suffering from a serious respiratory problem in addition to malnutrition.

The coughing of each family member had reached a point of concern.  But like mothers around the world, Angelina put her children’s health before her own as she wanted to ensure they received adequate treatment before herself. 

As the attending healthcare professional shared with MAP,

“We had to explain that for her to continue caring for her children, she would need treatment also and that we would provide the necessary medications for all five of them.”

NicaraguaBlog.jpgAfter two days of visiting her church for medical and spiritual care and much-needed food, Angelina and her family began to heal.

“You could see the twinkle return to their eyes as they sang and danced and seemingly found hope for a healthier life to come with their medications….the love of God gives them happiness and hope,” said the nurse.

Your donations to MAP make life-changing stories like Angelina’s possible. 

Start your miracle of providing health and hope today. Every gift given on or before December 31 is matched up to $100,000.  With your generous donation, you can DOUBLE the help others receive with vital medicines and supplies.

Your giving story becomes their story.  And for that we thank you.

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