Stories of Hope

Firsthand stories from the people whose lives have been touched by MAP medicines

Enjoy these stories of hope and inspiration about the people whose lives were changed thanks to medicines and health supplies provided by MAP International. We invite you to explore our library and share these stories of hope.

    Bringing Hope to Our Neighbors

    During her worst times, the days were long and the nights seemed endless for Marcia Emerson....

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    How Magdelena Came to Shine

    “It started with a small sore on my face,” remembers Magdalena. “But soon my entire face was...

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    Devastating Rain & Winter Chill Adds to Suffering of Syrian Refugees

    Imagine living in Tennessee or North Carolina when a cold front dumps freezing rain on your...

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    We Pause to Reflect on You - Our Most Faithful Supporters

    As we begin a new year, we want to pause and reflect on you, our donors who sustain MAP’s work...

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    The Fruits of Your Support

    How does MAP International touch so many lives and provide so much help? None of it would be...

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    A Year of Record Disasters and MAP’s Unparalleled Response

    When Hurricane Michael roared across the Florida Panhandle and into Georgia, the homes and...

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    Unconditional Love Then and Now

    The father’s love for his daughter was apparent from the moment he walked into the busy clinic....

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    You Can Trust MAP with Your Giving

    The Christmas season, now in full swing, is a time for giving and sharing the abundance of our...

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    “Where Healthcare Doesn't Exist” in Rural Uganda

    You can throw a rock from almost any street corner in America and hit a drugstore. While that...

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    The Merciful End to the 2018 Hurricane Season

    The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season mercifully ended today.

    Hopefully you were not among those...

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