Haiti | July 17, 2018

A Disaster Survivor Saved by MAP Medicine


“It was my day off and I was at home when I began to feel the earth shaking,” says Rose, as she recalls the events that changed her life in 2010.

“Debris began to fall and the next thing I knew, my entire house had collapsed on me.”

Like many others, Rose was a victim of the massive earthquake that nearly destroyed parts of Haiti January, 2010.

RosePhotoEventually, someone found her and loaded her into the back of a pickup truck. All the hospitals in Port-Au-Prince were overwhelmed.

The only facility that would take her was more than 30 miles away, over poorly-paved, crowded roads. Because of the conditions, the ride to the field hospital took several hours.

She had multiple injuries, including a metal rod that had been driven into her leg and was now causing a life-threatening infection.

To save her life, the doctors amputated her leg.

“Living with only one leg was difficult,” says Rose. “I didn’t want to be a burden to others but I had a very hard time getting around and fell often.”


But worse, she had recurring infections and excruciating pain in her leg.

Medicine is very expensive here in Haiti,” she says. “I couldn’t afford the medicine to treat my leg and the pain was more than I could stand many days. I began to lose hope."

But that’s when God answered her prayers. She received the medicine she so desperately needed through MAP.

“MAP medicines healed me and helped with my pain. I had hope again! My story is proof that God exists. He heard my prayers and brought me help through MAP."

“I want to thank everyone who supports MAP from the bottom of my heart,” says Rose.

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