disaster health kits | March 20, 2018

Six Months After Hurricane Maria, Some Hope But Much Healing Remains


Have you ever lost power after a storm? Maybe it was out for a few hours…or even a few days. You may have lost air conditioning, the food in your freezer, use of the internet. It’s frustrating…but it’s mostly an inconvenience.

Now imagine being without power for six months. No ability to get clean water in your home. No lights, no refrigeration for your food. And if you are dealing with a chronic disease, no ability to access to the medicine you desperately need.

That’s the situation tens of thousands of people still face in Puerto Rico.

Six months after Hurricanes Irma and then Maria devastated the island, more than 100,000 people remain without power.

Clean water is still unavailable to many. Clinics operate only a few hours a day using generators. Some of the chronically ill have grown steadily worse. Some have died.

_A9D0416.jpgWhen our team recently visited the island, they were shocked by the conditions and the widespread destruction that continues to hamper rebuilding.

That’s why MAP has continued to send desperately needed medicines, medical supplies and water filters to health workers on the ground in Puerto Rico—and in other parts of the Caribbean still struggling.

Just in the last three months, MAP has sent four containers full of antibiotics, oral rehydration therapy, fever reducers, decongestants, bandages, ointments, and water filters to those crying out for help. Another three containers are loaded and are ready to be shipped this week.

Can you help us ship these medicines to the people of Puerto Rico? They need your help now.

It just breaks my heart to think how long they have waited…. Please help us let them know they aren’t forgotten. I am so very grateful for the help you have already sent.

May God bless you as you give - and remember the people of Puerto Rico in your prayers. 

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