deworming | August 15, 2017

This is the Day...


This is the day....

By Steve Stirling

In Haiti, people say, if we have life, then we have hope. This is the story of survivors, people born into conditions unimaginable for many Americans. Yet given their lot, so many sing praise for the life they have, for and with the people who share this hope and journey.  Relationship with others weighs heavy on their self-esteem. If I am well with my brothers and sisters then I am well with God. They survive, together.

MAP CEO Steve Stirling with Phil Mazzilli

In the devastation following the January 2010 earthquake, many children became orphaned. Whole communities throughout the country were ripped apart. Orphanages popped up everywhere.

We met the leader of one such orphanage, Pastor Claude, at the mobile clinic in the village of LaTant.  The pastor operates two homes that provide shelter for 60 children each.  We were invited to visit with him to see how MAP medicines contributed to the health of the children in his homes.

 Pastor Claude shared the story of how children come to his home. Most every child entering the orphanage suffers from malnutrition and dietary parasites. The two are related conditions as tape worms steal the few nutrients available in their diet.

The Love A Child team, carrying deworming medicines provided by MAP International, conducted a campaign to free the children from these parasites. “They looked like entirely different children only a few days of receiving the medication,” said Pastor Claude said.

Seeing God’s hand at work in their lives through Pastor Claude, Love A Child and MAP is a powerful experience. I hope you enjoy this video of us sharing a song of praise with the children.




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