life-changing medicines | July 16, 2018

This Smile Is For You


want to share this little boy's smile with you.  His name is Frankie. And, that smile is for you and because of you.  Frankie is with us because of your support of MAP International. 

I’ve had a smile like this on my face too because of you.


Thanks to your participation in MAP International’s $100,000 Matching Gift Challenge, we achieved a remarkable result. We exceeded our goal and now the MAP Board of Directors is matching your generous gifts.

Most importantly, because of your gifts we have antibiotics, oral rehydration, anti-hypertensive medication and many other kinds of life-changing medicines and supplies on their way to people in need.

Frankie and his mother, Mellisia, represent millions of people whose lives are changed because we were able to get medicines and health supplies to them when they needed them most. We do this in partnership with you, our most loyal supporters.

Thank you for supporting MAP’s Matching Gift Challenge and all you do to share God's love with His children.

With profound gratitude,

Steve Stirling
President and CEO

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