The World's Vunerable are Losing

First published in The Saporta report on November 14, 2016.

In the lead up to and aftermath of the recent presidential election, Americans have focused on winners and losers. They have watched endless coverage of the campaign, the election and now the analysis. Social media is lit up with debates and political hashtags.

Meanwhile, the most vulnerable people in the world have become almost invisible. The refugee crisis has disappeared from our television screens. The Zika epidemic is gone. And the people of Haiti are left to deal with the clean up from Hurricane Matthew and the cholera crisis with almost no attention.

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Americans Too Distracted by Election to Notice Haitian Suffering After Hurricane Matthew

First published in The Christian Post on October 25, 2016.

The same day that the now-infamous tape of Trump speaking poorly of women was released, Hurricane Matthew was hitting the Caribbean hard. Two days later, during the second presidential debate, Secretary Clinton expressed frustration that Donald Trump was all about distractions that night. Much like the presidential candidates are trying to distract the American people from their downfalls, Americans are in turn being distracted from things that are a matter of life and death.

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Holding My Gaze on Haiti

It’s the first Tuesday of the month which means, where I live, that the emergency siren was tested at 10a.m. Poised to sound in the event of a tornado or other dangers, it’s a long, shrill sound, starting up like an air raid signal, swirling and filling the sky. I’ve lived here in the suburbs of Chicago for most of my life, so I barely notice the test. But this morning when it broke the morning’s silence, my thoughts—though not far from it at the time—were wrenched back to Haiti, where in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, a real emergency continues.

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MAP International Rushes Medicine & Disaster Relief Supplies to Haiti

Brunswick, Ga., Oct. 4, 2016—MAP International, a Christian health and relief organization, is responding to the devastation in Haiti. The organization is delivering urgently needed medicines and emergency supplies to those caught in the destruction of Hurricane Matthew.

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World Refugee Day 2016

World Refugee Day 2016

Monday, June 20th, on the UN’s declared World Refugee Day, there are over 50 million refugees around the world.  Many of them are women and children, struggling to survive after fleeing their homes amidst conflict, famine, and natural disasters.

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PRESS RELEASE: MAP International Awarded Perfect Score on New Charity Navigator Rating Service


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PRESS RELEASE: Georgia-Based MAP International Has Staff On the Ground in Ecuador


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7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Ecuador

On the evening of Saturday, April 16th a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the coastal region of Ecuador.  The death toll is nearing 300 with reports of over 2,500 people injured. Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has declared it a state of emergency, with the number of dead expected to rise “considerably” as crews continue to remove bodies from the rubble, Correa said.

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