Before The Storm Hits: Being Prepared For Disaster

Even before a disaster hits, MAP becomes a disaster response center. And much of the preparation necessary for a humanitarian response requires significant advance planning.

When we know a hurricane is forming, or receive news of an earthquake, or see refugees fleeing conflict, MAP springs into action.

This past week, MAP International hosted members from Rotary International District 6920 to pack MAP's signature Disaster Health Kits (DHK). These kits are readied for a disaster that has yet to happen.  Why? 

Because the first question we ask is always, “How can we best help those who may be affected?”

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Music and Medicine Provide Hope and Healing

Everyone has the capacity to be generous.  But not everyone is generous with their time, talent and treasure.

When Daniel de los Reyes, percussionist for the Zac Brown Band and founder of the nonprofit, DayGLOW Music, wanted to help the people of his native Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, he wanted to change lives - for the better.

After visiting the island ten days after Maria’s destruction, he was moved by the thousands of people living without power, clean water, and dependable health services. Daniel used DayGLOW’s Facebook page to voice his frustration:  

"We need to do something about this. Make this a priority. Countless people are dying a slow death because of this cataclysmic storm. One thing is to survive the storm; the other is to survive living after the storm. It is a humanitarian event. Now. Must so many people die before we recognize this?"

Daniel knew he had to do more for the people of Puerto Rico.

Working through his nonprofit, DayGLOW Music, he established DayGLOW Relief to raise money for donated medicines and supplies. He worked with MAP International to secure Johnson & Johnson Medical Mission Packs that contain vital prescription and over-the-counter medicines. MAP also provided water filters to ensure people had access to clean water.

But medicine was not enough for those who have suffered for so long. Five months after the storm, Daniel traveled to Puerto Rico with doctors, members of the band Chicago and other volunteers. They traveled to rural areas throughout the country providing basic supplies, medicines and of course, music.

As described by members of DayGLOW Music:

“We are actively combining the use of music for healing and hope with our humanitarian aid to make a difference in the lives of so many Americans in Puerto Rico.”


Daily we are humbled by medical mission stories of hope and healing offered by individuals working around the globe to help those less fortunate. In times of disaster, these stories are magnified as we learn of people requiring medical aid after losing everything following a crisis.

Daniel and DayGLOW Relief provided medicine and music to offer hope and healing to those who have suffered so greatly. Their generosity knows no bounds.

Donate Now

Thank you, Daniel. Your music and work are an inspiration. 

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Six Months After Hurricane Maria, Some Hope But Much Healing Remains

Have you ever lost power after a storm? Maybe it was out for a few hours…or even a few days. You may have lost air conditioning, the food in your freezer, use of the internet. It’s frustrating…but it’s mostly an inconvenience.

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Restoring Health and Hope: 2017 Disaster Relief Update

It's been more than 100 days since Hurricane Maria shattered the homes, livelihoods, and day-to-day normalcy of thousands of people in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean.

Our hearts broke as we witnessed another hurricane devastate the lives of so many following the destructive paths of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Unfortunately, 2017 was an unprecedented year for natural disasters around the world. It is through the generous support of MAP International donors and partners that life after these events was made a little easier for those affected...

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Hurricane Maria Update: Serving One's Community in the Midst of Chaos


When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the devastation did not discriminate by economic class.  The storm wiped out both homes and livelihoods of most residents.

For those who have dedicated their lives to their community, like police officers and healthcare workers, the difficultly of meeting these challenges only increased even while their own lives were upended.  

Take Zuma, for example. Zuma lives and works as a police officer in Guanica, Puerto Rico. She is desperate to rebuild her community. But with electricity in short supply and some areas still in need of access to clean water, the restoration process has slowed significantly.  Nonetheless, Zuma has continued to serve and protect her community to the best of her ability.
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Repairing the World One Gift at a Time

Candice Dyer was moved by the images she saw on television each week as hurricane after hurricane devastated the U.S. and Caribbean islands. Rather than passively allow the news coverage to come and go, Candice felt compelled to act.

She told a friend she wanted to do something.

As a journalist, Candice knew she had to do her research. The information she discovered about MAP and the highest ratings it has received from charity watchdog organizations impressed her. 

“A friend alerted me to MAP, and I was very impressed with what I learned. I was also very moved by the personal testimony of Steve Stirling.”  

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Life After the Storm: Healthcare in Puerto Rico Seven Weeks After Maria

What is real in Puerto Rico nearly two months after Hurricane Maria is this: almost 60 percent of the island is without electricity, thousands remain in shelters, and tens of thousands of houses do not have roofs. When it comes to healthcare, the situation for many with chronic health conditions and those with immediate needs is challenging.

Widespread devastation on the island has resulted in many pharmacies that are either closed, unable to dispense medicines because the insurance system is down, or powerless to obtain critical medications. Unable to pay out of pocket costs, many people are turning to mobile medical units set up by FEMA such as this one in Guánica.

These clinics provide access to physicians, nurses, and pharmacists who fill the gap for many professionals who left after the hurricane and have yet to return. Here residents can obtain free medicines provided by MAP International for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and psychiatric conditions.

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'You can't get sick now' - Dire Medical Conditions in Puerto Rico

One month ago today, Hurricane Maria roared through the Caribbean and slammed into Puerto Rico. While media coverage is beginning to fade, the suffering for so many continues. The damage to the island has been staggering with power outages expected to continue for six months or longer. Over half the residents do not have access to clean drinking water; less than 10 percent of roads are passable.

  Carmen Rivera (at left in the orange dress) sits on a cot at the Cataño shelter. She suffers from severe asthma and knee pain and has had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital for asthma treatment twice since the hurricane. She says she feels forgotten by authorities.    GREG ALLEN / NPR

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Puerto Rico Needs Your Help

(Editor's Note:  MAP International is working to save lives and restore hope for people in Puerto Rico.  Please consider a generous gift today to help get medicine and health supplies for people in need.  

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'This is going to be a long road'

Like the rest of the world, MAP International is shocked and saddened by the images emerging from Puerto Rico, Dominica and other parts of the Carribean showing islands decimated by Hurricane Maria.  With damage not witnessed in nearly 100 years, all of Puerto Rico is without power and is not expected to see it restored for three to six months.

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