Hurricane Maria Update: Serving One's Community in the Midst of Chaos


When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the devastation did not discriminate by economic class.  The storm wiped out both homes and livelihoods of most residents.

For those who have dedicated their lives to their community, like police officers and healthcare workers, the difficultly of meeting these challenges only increased even while their own lives were upended.  

Take Zuma, for example. Zuma lives and works as a police officer in Guanica, Puerto Rico. She is desperate to rebuild her community. But with electricity in short supply and some areas still in need of access to clean water, the restoration process has slowed significantly.  Nonetheless, Zuma has continued to serve and protect her community to the best of her ability.
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Stories of Hope:  Meet Carlos

Carlos is a 43-year-old bus driver with a big heart and steadfast faith. He prides himself on helping others and routinely drives people from his small village in rural El Salvador to a local clinic three hours away in Texacuangos. The drive on uneven roads and broken pavement is long but fulfilling.

Nurses Jenny O'Neill and Betty Moriarity in recovery room with Carlos following a successful surgery.

For many weeks, Carlos suffered through the discomfort of driving with a hernia. His pain grew progressively worse. With his livelihood at stake, Carlos wondered how much more he could endure.  As the breadwinner for his family, he feared the devastating result this would have for those who depended on him.

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All I Want for Christmas is Hope

“What do you want for Christmas this year?” my family begins to ask in November. They usually follow up with, “And don’t say ‘nothing’!” because they know that’s what I usually say.

The fact is that I, like many people, already have more than I need. I struggle every year to come up with a list of Christmas present ideas for my family. So this year I tried something new.

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Hands Helping Hands: Life-Changing Surgeries in Honduras

Every parent remembers the first time they laid eyes on their newborn child. We stare in amazement at the baby’s face; we brush our cheek against theirs. And then perhaps, we place their tiny palm or foot in our own hand to feel their touch and count fingers and toes.

As joyful as this moment can be, some mothers and fathers experience a different range of emotions at this time. This can be a time when we first discover a genetic anomaly carried into the world by our newborn child.

This was the experience of a mother who recently met up with a MAP International-supported medical mission team in Honduras.

When the physicians and healthcare providers with the Touching Hands Project arrived at the Ruth Paz Burn and Pediatric Hospital in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, they were introduced to children with a variety of impairments to their hands - some critical, all requiring attention.

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The miracle of your gifts to MAP: Hope in Nicaragua

Active volcanoes in the distance and the waste dump near Angelina’s lean-to in Nicaragua spew enough smoke and ash to clog the air. Breathing is difficult in this area so close to such hazards. Many residents experience respiratory infections and lung issues making life difficult and all too often tenuous. 

Angelina lives in Nicaragua with her four children. When she visited her local church where a temporary medical clinic was organized, Angelina appeared frail with a barrel-chest. Like her children, this likely indicated she was suffering from a serious respiratory problem in addition to malnutrition.

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Stories of Children Helping Children

Today is Universal Children’s Day.

Children represent the future of life on our planet.

At MAP, we see investing resources to help children survive and develop to their full potential is, first and foremost, a moral imperative. Unfortunately, when it comes to health, not all children are on equal footing.

Families in many parts of the world lack access to even the most basic medicines. Each year, 5.9 million children under the age of five die, more than half from treatable diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea. That represents 18 children every second whose lives could have been saved.

That’s exactly why MAP International exists; we are part of a life-changing mission. Every day, somewhere in the world, children’s lives are saved because of the medicines MAP supplies.

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Repairing the World One Gift at a Time

Candice Dyer was moved by the images she saw on television each week as hurricane after hurricane devastated the U.S. and Caribbean islands. Rather than passively allow the news coverage to come and go, Candice felt compelled to act.

She told a friend she wanted to do something.

As a journalist, Candice knew she had to do her research. The information she discovered about MAP and the highest ratings it has received from charity watchdog organizations impressed her. 

“A friend alerted me to MAP, and I was very impressed with what I learned. I was also very moved by the personal testimony of Steve Stirling.”  

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Antibiotics - The Difference Between Life & Death

Did you know this week is World Antibiotic Awareness Week?

Antibiotics are so integrated into most of our lives that we barely think about them. Cut your finger and apply an antibiotic ointment. Have strep throat? The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. Even if you’re taking a trip overseas, many physicians will give you a bottle of antibiotics just in case you contract traveler’s diarrhea.

Those of us in the developed world have become very attached to these life-changing medicines in the last hundred years since they have been available. Before that, a simple cut or strep throat could be life-threatening.

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Choosing Charity Over Chocolate: Helping Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Kate McLeod wanted to make Halloween more meaningful for trick-or-treaters visiting her apartment this year. She felt uneasy about not buying candy for the kids who would soon be knocking on her front door. She decided to follow her heart’s direction anyway.

In her New York City apartment building, Kate is required to put a sign up so that the children know that they can knock when trick-or-treating.  She decided to do something different. Instead of a ‘please knock’ sign, Kate posted a note on her door asking the children to donate to Syrian refugees instead of receiving candy. Kate wondered how many children would choose charity over chocolate.

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Life After the Storm: Healthcare in Puerto Rico Seven Weeks After Maria

What is real in Puerto Rico nearly two months after Hurricane Maria is this: almost 60 percent of the island is without electricity, thousands remain in shelters, and tens of thousands of houses do not have roofs. When it comes to healthcare, the situation for many with chronic health conditions and those with immediate needs is challenging.

Widespread devastation on the island has resulted in many pharmacies that are either closed, unable to dispense medicines because the insurance system is down, or powerless to obtain critical medications. Unable to pay out of pocket costs, many people are turning to mobile medical units set up by FEMA such as this one in Guánica.

These clinics provide access to physicians, nurses, and pharmacists who fill the gap for many professionals who left after the hurricane and have yet to return. Here residents can obtain free medicines provided by MAP International for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and psychiatric conditions.

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