Stories of Hope

Firsthand stories from the people whose lives have been touched by MAP medicines

Enjoy these stories of hope and inspiration about the people whose lives were changed thanks to medicines and health supplies provided by MAP International. We invite you to explore our library and share these stories of hope.

    Eyes Wide Open in Burundi

    It’s every parent’s nightmare. Your child is sick and you’re powerless to help them.

    This was...

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    Showing Love with Medicine Worldwide

    MAP International's mission of providing medicines and health supplies to people in need extends...

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    This Smile Is For You

    want to share this little boy's smile with you.  His name is Frankie. And, that smile is for...

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    Behind the Scenes: Mellisia's Story

    We found no shelter from the heat underneath the seven-foot boxwood. Though the trees dotted the...

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    Guatemala Volcano Update: Why Your Donation Today Matters

    The pictures of the little girls who had suffered burns in the aftermath of the Fuego volcano...

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    A Volunteer Miracle Worker in Guatemala

    You may never meet Dr. Jose Amezquita, unless you are in desperate need of medical care in...

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