Eyes Wide Open in Burundi

It’s every parent’s nightmare. Your child is sick and you’re powerless to help them.

This was the case for the parents of seven-year-old, Keza from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Keza unfortunately developed premature cataracts which unknowingly robbed her of her eyesight. What started as infrequent headaches and sensitivity to light progressed to cloudy vision and near complete blindness. She was unable to attend school because of her inability to see the chalkboard or read books clearly. Not knowing what would happen to their precious child, Keza's parents were experiencing their worst fears – who would help them?

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Mission Team Angels: A Mother's Prayer is Answered

The town of San Rafael sits on the outskirts of Puerto Penasco, a Mexican fishing town that has grown to become a tourist destination for residents of Arizona and California.

San Rafael goes unnoticed by most who visit the sandy beaches bordering the Pacific. The lean-to homes with poor sanitation dot the landscape just outside the resort gates are a stark contrast to the vacation homes nearby. 

For Soledad, a single mother residing in San Rafael, the resorts are her livelihood. She cleans the homes of many in the area, eking out a living to support her two children.

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Love need not be blind...

He lived hours away from the clinic in Huatulco, Mexico. The elderly gentleman entered the clinic hoping for a miracle. He was completely blind.

At 70 years old, the man could no longer see due to cataracts. It pained him to be a burden on his family. He prayed the long journey would prove fruitful.

His prayer to God was simple – that his sight would be restored. He was among many in prayer that day. So many people waiting just to see the doctor...

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