Mission Team Angels: A Mother's Prayer is Answered

The town of San Rafael sits on the outskirts of Puerto Penasco, a Mexican fishing town that has grown to become a tourist destination for residents of Arizona and California.

San Rafael goes unnoticed by most who visit the sandy beaches bordering the Pacific. The lean-to homes with poor sanitation dot the landscape just outside the resort gates are a stark contrast to the vacation homes nearby. 

For Soledad, a single mother residing in San Rafael, the resorts are her livelihood. She cleans the homes of many in the area, eking out a living to support her two children.

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Love need not be blind...

He lived hours away from the clinic in Huatulco, Mexico. The elderly gentleman entered the clinic hoping for a miracle. He was completely blind.

At 70 years old, the man could no longer see due to cataracts. It pained him to be a burden on his family. He prayed the long journey would prove fruitful.

His prayer to God was simple – that his sight would be restored. He was among many in prayer that day. So many people waiting just to see the doctor...

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