Restoring Health and Hope: 2017 Disaster Relief Update

It's been more than 100 days since Hurricane Maria shattered the homes, livelihoods, and day-to-day normalcy of thousands of people in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean.

Our hearts broke as we witnessed another hurricane devastate the lives of so many following the destructive paths of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Unfortunately, 2017 was an unprecedented year for natural disasters around the world. It is through the generous support of MAP International donors and partners that life after these events was made a little easier for those affected...

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A Record Year of Serving Those Most in Need

Our hearts are full and the MAP International team is deeply humbled by the tremendous support offered in 2017.   Because of your compassion ‘for the least of these’, MAP was able to serve more people in 2017 than ever in one year. This means more people received life-changing medicines because of you. 

For the many who offered gifts, your timing could not have been better...

Topics: MAP International MAP serving those in need 2017 Performance report record year

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