'You can't get sick now' - Dire Medical Conditions in Puerto Rico

One month ago today, Hurricane Maria roared through the Caribbean and slammed into Puerto Rico. While media coverage is beginning to fade, the suffering for so many continues. The damage to the island has been staggering with power outages expected to continue for six months or longer. Over half the residents do not have access to clean drinking water; less than 10 percent of roads are passable.

  Carmen Rivera (at left in the orange dress) sits on a cot at the Cataño shelter. She suffers from severe asthma and knee pain and has had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital for asthma treatment twice since the hurricane. She says she feels forgotten by authorities.    GREG ALLEN / NPR

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Puerto Rico Needs Your Help

(Editor's Note:  MAP International is working to save lives and restore hope for people in Puerto Rico.  Please consider a generous gift today to help get medicine and health supplies for people in need.  

Topics: disaster relief MAP International Hurricane maria Puerto Rico Johnson & Johnson pray for puerto rico

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