Responding to Neighbors in Need After Hurricane Harvey

Houston resident Brent Flaskamp and his family were among the fortunate ones. Relatively unscathed by Hurricane Harvey, they soon realized how small a margin separated them from those who lost everything.

“Our church and neighborhood were untouched. But just a mile away, in a low-lying and low income neighborhood, houses were totally flooded,” he says.

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A Greater Portion of Grace - Harvey Relief Update


Since the flooding began, our team from Grace Church of Humble, Texas has been working 12-14 hour days coordinating up to 3,000 meals a day for people in the hardest hit communities. Our local church even served as a shelter for four days.

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Hurricane Irma Update

Many of our friends and family experienced significant flooding due to the enormous tidal surge from Hurricane Irma.  At this time, we ask for your continued prayers for the well-being of all those affected by both Irma and Harvey.

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When Disaster Hits Home

As a MAP board member, I’ve had the privilege of seeing how MAP responds to disasters.On a visit to Haiti in August I saw how MAP helped respond to the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew a year ago and how MAP’s partners on the ground were helping those affected rebuild their lives.

Just two weeks after returning from Haiti to my home in Houston, I found myself in the middle of another disaster zone caused by Hurricane Harvey. While my own home was spared, many in my community were devastated. As members of my church began to respond to the needs around us I realized some of the lessons of dealing with disasters.

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Hurricane Harvey, How You Can Help

A week ago today, Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, leaving tens of thousands of children and families homeless and without access to basic health and hygiene items.  MAP International was standing ready and was able to send over a thousand health kits immediately after the storm hit, but it's not enough. We need your help to purchase enough hygiene items to ensure that disease doesn't spread following this devestating storm. 

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