Promises Not Made but Promises Kept

The beautiful little girl from a farming village in the central highlands of Vietnam could not walk nor use her hands.

She was born without a right foot. The congenital disorder also caused severely deformed hands with fewer than five fingers.

Her parents carried her on most occasions. They wondered what the future held for her living in such a remote, rural area.

They were unable to afford a trip to the hospital from their village – medical care was a luxury.

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Friends Working Together to Improve a Life

The beautiful child almost blended into the sea of happy faces as volunteers distributed rice and food. He was smiling along with his mother and fellow villagers gathered that day. But unlike the other children, his smile was different. Born with a cleft lip and palate deformity, he had never been treated and needed medical attention.

The volunteers visiting the remote village in the highlands of Vietnam that day might have missed him. He might not have gotten a second chance.

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