Haiti | February 20, 2019

Two Miracles in Haiti


The fear on the woman’s face was easy to see. Pregnant with twins, the young woman entered the Maison de Naissance birthing center in central Haiti scared for her life and her unborn children. Her labor had stopped progressing.

Her fear was warranted.

With the highest maternal and fetal death rates in the world, women in Haiti risk their lives to have children.  It should be the happiest time in a woman’s life. But for many women living in poverty, pregnancy is a time of anxiety, illness – and even death.

The medical mission team visiting the birthing center in Jacmal, Haiti told us that the mother’s condition was critical.

“When we met Maria, she was not progressing, said Linda Johnson who helped coordinate medical supplies for the mission. “We were told that three weeks before our arrival, a woman pregnant with twins had gone to a different facility too late into labor. All three died - the mother and two babies.

Lack of prenatal care for expectant mothers combined with limited emergency care if a birth is in danger is a frightening reality in Haiti.  

HaitiMother&Twin2 (1)Fortunately for this mother, Maria ((shown right with one of her babies), things were different. The Maison de Naissance birthing center in Jacmal works with expectant mothers to see that they get the care they need at one of the most important times in life. Besides the mission team carrying medicines and supplies from MAP, the center also received supplies from MAP partner, Hope for Haiti.

Maria received prenatal care, including daily vitamins for herself and her unborn child. The team there coached her on the symptoms when her pregnancy might be at risk. She knew when to seek immediate medical assistance. “Blessedly she delivered healthy twins that night,” said Ms. Johnson.

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