life-changing medicines | February 14, 2019

More Than Flowers and Candy


“…Love each other as I have loved you.” - John 15:12

In a week that is full of hearts and candy, we want you to remember something much more important: God loves you.

The love of God is greater than any other circumstances in your life. It is a perfect love that doesn’t depend on how you act or feel. God will always love you.

It is God’s love that motivates us at MAP to reach out to others. We know that the love we show others is just a small reflection of the love shown us.

So often we hear from people who have felt forgotten, alone, without hope—until they received the gift of healing through medicine. They tell us that this is a true sign of God’s love.

Think about that! The medicine you help provide through MAP is a sign of God's love for the people we serve. We are so very grateful that you are part of this ministry of love to others in need.

During the month of February we are concentrating on the many expectant mothers in the poorest parts of the world whose very lives are endangered by their pregnancy. Did you know that 500,000 women will die this year before or during childbirth? Even more babies will be lost.

Many of these deaths are due to lack of vitamins and nutrients that create life-threatening conditions in both mother and baby. And most could be prevented through prenatal vitamins. Because MAP purchases prenatal vitamins in bulk, we can provide one expectant mother a daily vitamin at a cost of $2.80 for her entire pregnancy!

Send Vitamins To A Mother & Child Today

We’ve set the goal of raising $60,000 this month to provide prenatal vitamins for the pregnant women who are in urgent need right now. It is an ambitious goal, but we know that lives are at stake—lives of both mothers and babies.

A mother’s love for her child is so great that many women living in poverty sacrifice their own health in order to have children. But so many women can be helped by prenatal vitamins. It is such a simple solution to a devastating problem.

For the cost of a Valentine’s card or a box of candy you can save the life of a mother and child.  Can you think of any better way to show love? 

Please, if you can, help save the lives of mothers and babies.


With deepest gratitude,
Steve Stirling
President & CEO

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