life-changing medicines | April 26, 2019

“Behind Each Face is a Story”


Can you imagine waiting hours in line for food at a grocery store? How about driving to your local pharmacy and finding out they don’t have the medicine you need for your sick child?

For the people of Venezuela, this has been their reality for years.  

Severe food shortages and hyperinflation have forced millions to flee the country. The Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela estimates the country is suffering from an 85 percent shortage of medicine.  

In Venezuela, there are no visits to the urgent care center if you are injured or sick. Any type of sickness or injury can carry devastating consequences.This has prompted a national health crisis. 

Despite this madness, medical missionaries are there serving the neediest. And they are turning to MAP International to provide them with the medicine they need to serve those in need.

MAP partner, International Action Ministries (IAM) shared with us about the crisis, “…if a medical procedure is needed, and the individual is able to locate professional help, it is the patient’s burden and responsibility to locate most or all of the supplies needed including basic gauze, surgical gloves, and common antibiotics.”

Consider this story IAM recently sent to us. It is the story of Mariangela, a three-year-old girl who suffered a tragic motorcycle accident. Poetically their story began,

“Behind each face is a story. In the shadow of each person served is profound gratitude. And through the administration of each medication, lives are blessed”  

mariangela-1Several times per week, Mariangela runs errands with her family to obtain food and other items needed to live in difficult times. They don’t always know when or where they will be able to find these necessities.

On one of these trips, an accident occurred, crushing Mariangela's hand.

Her parents were left with few options – there was nothing they could do for their daughter. Infection set in and she was at risk for losing her hand.

Blessedly, the quick response of a group of Christian pastors secured medical treatment for Mariangela; her middle finger was reconstructed, and her hand saved.

Supplies provided by MAP aided this little girl – we’re saddened to think of the thousands who are not so lucky.

“Mariangela and her parents represent one of many families blessed, helped, served and deeply impacted by the volunteer medical services provided by Venezuelan Christian churches and the medical supplies from MAP International for which we are extremely grateful,” Rick Johnson, Director, International Action Ministries.

Mariangela was blessed by your generosity to MAP. Behind her beautiful face is an amazing story, a miracle story you made possible. 

Will you help provide more people in places like Venezuela with life-changing medicines and health supplies? Whatever amount you give before May 31 will DOUBLE. The need is so great.  Whatever you can give will change the lives of children like Mariangela.

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