life-changing medicines | May 11, 2018

Why Mothers Matter on Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is a time to honor the mothers in our lives who seem to keep the train running on time. Shuttling children to school, sports practices and games, doctor’s appointments, and more requires patience, attention to detail, and a lot of love. What would we do without our moms?

Universally, mothers around the world share the same concerns for their children, mainly their health. In many parts of the world, it is hard to find quality healthcare, if at all.

Below is a story of a mother who, thanks to antibiotics from MAP and a skilled doctor, was able to save her sick little boy in Thailand:

Health care workers in the developing world are in constant need of antibiotics to treat a variety of conditions that quickly become life-threatening. That’s why MAP works so hard to provide a variety of antibiotics to doctors, nurses and others working in some of the poorest places in the world.

The power of antibiotics was on full display for one doctor on a recent medical mission trip in Thailand. He shared a recent experience:


"A little boy, lifeless with a high fever was brought to the clinic by his mother. On previous trips to Thailand, we did not have antibiotic suspensions to dispense; thankfully not so this time.

We had in our MAP Medical Mission Pack just what this little fellow needed for his ear infection, Amoxil suspension ready to be reconstituted. We also had infant Ibuprofen which took care of his fever in no time."

Can you imagine how scared this mother must have been?  She likely traveled a long time to get him to a clinic. This mother, together with the doctor, saved this little boy. 

Celebrate a mother you know with a gift that provides health and hope to someone in need around the world.  Happy Mother's Day from MAP International.  

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