Pray With Us

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

Prayer is powerful. It moves hearts and changes minds.

We are so very grateful to you for lifting up our mission in prayer during this critical time.

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Why We Need Your Prayers At This Time

MAP International’s California Victory and Appeal of Regulatory Ruling

Over the last several months, MAP has responded to persistent and aggressive attempts by California state regulators to change the accounting methods that we use to report the benefits MAP provides.  

We use the industry standard for this process, and our financial statements are audited every year by a national accounting firm. Thankfully, a recent administrative law judge ruling was in our favor on this point, which confirms our accounting methods fully comply with the law. 

However, we face another challenge from California.

When you donate money to MAP, your contributions are joined together with the medicine and health supplies that generous corporations give to us. Your cash and those other resources, lifted by your prayers and the volunteer work of so many, help people in desperate need around the globe. 

Unfortunately, the California regulators are also attempting to dictate how and what we say to our donors.

We work hard to ensure that everything we tell our donors is true.  These government administrators claim, however, that certain statements that we’ve made about how efficiently we use all of our resources, while true, could be misinterpreted by someone and thus are potentially misleading.

They are attempting to force us to change how we communicate with you and to punish us for what we’ve said.

When we’ve said what percentage of these total donated resources helps the needy, we’ve spoken truthfully. Many other charities, as well as other states’ regulators, also consider cash contributions and medical resource donations together when describing the charity’s work. California officials say this is wrong. We disagree.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that it’s up to the charity to decide how to communicate its messages. To prevail on this point, we’re appealing the recent administrative law decision that attempts to limit how we speak truthfully to our donors.

Because we are actively appealing this decision, Charity Navigator shows an advisory on our listing, indicating we are involved in this administrative process.

While we are still a top-rated, four-star charity, Charity Navigator has chosen to flag this issue and we want all our donors and others who share our mission of providing medicines for the world to understand what this means and why we have chosen to fight this legal battle. 

Please share your thoughts and prayers with us below. We are so very grateful to you.

Pray With Us