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Joy! - You know it when you see it. And when you are able to bring joy into someone else's life, it is the best feeling in the world. 

That's what a gift of medicine does for so many.

When you give to MAP you bring a smile to a child who has been in pain. You bring happiness to a pregnant woman who is worrying about her baby. And you bring tears of joy to those who have lost everything in a disaster.


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Whether antibiotics, a stethoscope or prenatal vitamins, the gift you give will change—and perhaps save—a life. And the person you honor will share in the joy of giving a gift of health.

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Stories of Hope - Mellisia's Story

Mellisia's Miracle

More than anything in the world, Mellisia wanted a child. So she was thrilled when God answered her prayers, and she became pregnant.

But soon Mellisia’s joy turned to anguish; she became terribly sick. Her limbs swelled, she couldn’t breathe and she couldn’t keep any food down.

Unfortunately, Mellisia lives in Haiti, far from a hospital. She couldn’t afford the medicine that would have treated her condition, so she continued to suffer.