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By the time her parents brought her to the small hospital in rural Rwanda, Chantal was deathly ill. Already malnourished, she had stopped eating altogether.


Soon the reason was clear, an enormous tumor was protruding from the four-year-old’s abdomen. Dr. Samuel Williams, an American surgeon on a medical mission to Rwanda, confirmed her parents’ worst fears. Chantal had a malignant, fast-growing tumor that was impairing her vital functions.

“Sutures are so precious in resource-poor countries,” explains Dr. Sam. “Without sutures to hold an incision closed, it’s difficult to perform a successful surgery.

“I’ve seen wounds and incisions stitched up with sewing thread or fishing line because surgical sutures weren’t available.”

Dr. Sam and Dr. Ronald Tubasiime, a Rwandan surgeon, were able to operate on little Chantal, removing a six-pound tumor from her kidney. “The tumor accounted for nearly a quarter of her total weight!” said Dr. Sam.

“Sutures are so precious in resource-poor countries,” explains Dr. Sam. “Without sutures to hold an incision closed, it’s difficult to perform a successful surgery." 

“What MAP provides is so vital to being able to save lives. Sutures are so costly in so many parts of the world that surgeries are simply unaffordable to people living in poverty.”

After a few days of recovery, little Chantal was sitting up and eating again. “She was even smiling,” reports Dr. Sam. “And her parents were so very grateful.”

“MAP provides exactly the supplies I need to perform surgery on medical missions,” said Dr. Sam. “I’m so grateful to have these high quality sutures to use with patients like Chantal.”

Stories like these are why MAP exists—to bring hope and health to children like Chantal who otherwise would not have access to medical care. And to equip doctors like Dr. Sam and Dr. Tubasiime to treat people in some of the most remote parts of the world.

That’s why we are so grateful to have the support of friends like you. Your donation literally saves the lives of children like Chantal, whose families could not afford to pay for medicine or medical supplies.

MAP Saves Lives By Providing Medicine For Those In Need

How Prenatal Vitamins Change Two Lives For The Better

Prenatal vitamins helped save Mellisia's life, and that of her new born son, Frankie.

Of the thousands of types of medicines and health supplies MAP International provides each year, prenatal vitamins could be the most critically-needed medicine in resource-poor communities, saving the lives of both expectant mothers and their unborn children.

If it weren't for the doctors using medicines and supplies provided by MAP, Mellisia would have lost all hope. But with God’s grace, Mellisia experienced a miracle. And it happened because of your support of MAP International.