In Despair, Humanity

At its core, MAP’s mission and ministry are best exemplified by the call of the Gospel, where Jesus says, “when I was sick, you looked after me.”

In everything we do, we believe we are guided by God in reaching millions of the world’s sick and the suffering – the poorest and often most forgotten among us.

Through an incredible network of partnerships, MAP International mobilizes individuals to meet the needs of others—by providing medicine for the world.

We also have mission partners on the ground with deep local roots among those we seek to reach. Such partnerships are how MAP does its work, as servants of the servants. Together, we help those who suffer realize their God-given potential and bring health and hope to a world desperately in need of both.

Mission Program

As a Christian based organization, we believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we exemplify the words spoken in Luke 25: “when I was sick, you took care of me.” We partner with many mission groups and faith-based organizations.


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“MAP understands the connection between ill health and poverty and appreciates acute care and community health development as an integral part of health provision. MAP understands the needs in Kenya and is helping the people to meet them at the community level. We’re helping Kenya’s poorest. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

— Dr. Julius Kavuludi