Chiao-Tung University Alumni Association in America (CTUAAA) is partnering with MAP International on combating COVID-19 in the United States. When you give today, your donation will be used to help MAP provide critical medicines and protective supplies to the hospitals and communities where need the most.

About MAP International

MAP International is a 65-year-old medical relief organization that impacts more than 13,000,000 people each year in 98 countries by providing lifesaving medicines and health supplies.

Our mission is a simple one: to provide medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so they might experience life to the fullest. Where there is disease, we provide hope. When there is disaster, MAP shares hope. And, when despair threatens a community, MAP provides humanity.  


Responded to COVID-19 in China

When the outbreak was initially detected in China, MAP International responded to urgent requests from overwhelmed Chinese hospitals by airlifting 1.3 million respirators, 280,000 pairs of nitrile gloves and 10,700 protective coveralls to help curtail the spread of the highly contagious virus.

How You Can Help in the United States

When you give today, your donation will be used to help combat the COVID-19 in the United States by helping MAP provide critical medicines and protective supplies.

Click here to view our most recent annual report or call us at 800-225-8550 for more information. Thank you for your support.

For more information about Chiao-Tung University Alumni Association in America (CTUAAA), visit www.ctuaaa.org.



COVID-19 Relief

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About Your Donation

MAP International (EIN: 36-2586390), one of America's top charities, is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your gift to MAP is fully tax-deductible as permitted by the law.  No goods or services were received in exchange for this contribution.  If a project is oversubscribed, we will reassign gifts to a similar need that most closely matches your designated event. Gifts marked for a particular program are used as requested until that need is fully met.