Give Life-Saving Medicines

Send Medicines and Health Supplies

Could you imagine the pain of a mother who has no medicine for her sick child; or the medical care giver who does not have the sutures or other health supplies to do what is right by their patients?

When you give monthly to those in need, you provide people with medicine to change—or save—lives. Your regular gift allows MAP to send the medicines and health supplies most needed, like antibiotics, oral rehydration solutions, wound care dressings, surgical supplies, and more.

What Would You Do to Save a Life?

Somewhere in the world right now someone needs your help. And saving that life takes less than you think but helps more than you can imagine. 
You see, someone is dying right now because they don’t have the medicine that would save their lifeMedicine that is available here in the U.S. but not in many resource-poor countries.
Medicine that would stop an infection from spreading. Stop high blood pressure from causing a stroke. Heal strep throat before it caused heart disease. 
That medicine is available here. But we need to get it thereAnd we need your help.
Will you do it?

These medicines are desperately needed by doctors working in remote locations and clinics meeting the needs of people in rural areas. Nearly every day they write or call MAP International asking for medicine.
Around the world, MAP’s boxes are known as the answer to doctors’ and patients’ needs.
“There’s nothing worse than knowing you could help a patient but medicine isn’t available,” said Dr. Cece Lugos of the Dominican Republic. “Thank goodness for MAP medicines.”

As a monthly donor, you become part of a life-saving team.

You help us become even more efficient in our mission.  Your gift provides us with predictable cash flow to make more plans and distribute more medicines.

It's worry-free giving that also saves postage and printing costs. Everyone benefits.

Please join the many compassionate supporters today by completing the form on the left.  If you would like to enroll over the phone, please call Lauren at 470-275-6049.

Thank you for your compassion and support on behalf of the 14 million people we serve.